Are you Original or Tangy?

Both of our signature thick yogurts come in  6 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz containers.  

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Sohha Yogurt cares deeply about making a handcrafted savory yogurt of the finest quality and rejects the notion that food has to be processed through chemical or genetic means. Our ingredients support sustainability and food rich with nutrients. We want to expand our hospitality, offering everyone the same delicious and nutritious yogurt that we eat at home.


If there is one thing we pride ourselves in is our commitment to not only bringing you the best yogurt but to making sure it is sourced from local small farms here in New York, from our milk to our honey, this is just the beginning of what makes us local.


Best Yogurt
— New York Magazine, 2014


No added sugars, No preservatives, No thickeners.










Sohha means Health. 

We founded Sohha Yogurt with the belief that our food should be wholesome and made from the highest quality ingredients, with no added sugar, preservatives, or gelatins. When our daughter Savana turned six-months-old, we couldn't find a yogurt on the market that was pure enough to feed her so we began giving her the home-made yogurt that Angela learned from her Lebanese mother Wadad. Today we produce savory yogurt made from only three ingredients: locally sourced milk, probiotic cultures, and sea salt.

Angela & John Fout